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Now you can purchase Standard Tasting Tickets Online! And for a limited time, receive a complimentary Tasting with every ticket purchased.

Tasting & Tour Options

Below are some of our various wine tastings & tours options. Please call with any questions or with groups of six or larger. Some tasting options may require additional planning and reservations. We look forward to giving you a wonderful tasting experience!


crw@cathedralridgewinery.com for general inquiries
– or –
tours@cathedralridgewinery.com for groups of 6 or more

Standard Tasting

Craft your own flight of six wines from our award-winning wine list. To be enjoyed at the main bar, this flight also includes two Reserve Wines! No reservations required.

Price: $15/person ($5 waived for each bottle purchased)

Reserve Tasting

Enjoy a selection of our current Reserve Wines in one elite flight! For those looking for a more private tasting experience, this flight is served in the Wine Club Bar (space permitting).

Price: $25/person

Tour & Tasting

Interested in what it takes to be a fully-functioning craft winery? Enjoy an extensive and informative tour of our vineyards, winemaking facilities, and barrel rooms, and you will know! A specialty tasting flight picked by our staff will guide you through our diverse wine list. Hint: the absolute best time to do this option is during crush season (Late August through October)!

Price: $25/person
Note: Reservations Required. (6 person minimum, please call ahead for availability and to make reservations)

Barrel Tasting

Get closer to the winemaking process with our Barrel Tasting offering an exclusive look at our wines to come! Two to three wines are tasted from the barrel plus three current wines and a charcuterie platter are included in this tasting experience.

Price: $50/person
Note: Reservations Required. (6 person minimum, please call for availability and to make reservations)

Private Tasting

Get the most intimate and comprehensive tour of the winemaking process from one of our knowledgeable wine guides. Learn about the incredible vineyards and region we are located in, experience a real craft winery first hand and taste the wines from barrel all the way through to cellar! Small paired appetizers are provided along the way for the complete experience.

First, is an exclusive tasting of a selection from our most recent harvest in the exclusive barrel barn which is rarely open to the public. The experience then takes you into the small barrel and production room to taste a selection of wines on the verge of bottling to give you a glimpse into the future of the winery.

Next is the trip back in time to see how our wines have aged as well as the differences in vintages in a place few get to see; our Library Cellar.

Last but not least, you’ll have a guided tasting of current wines at the wine bar. Taste the current ‘brothers and sisters’ of the barrel and library wines you tried!

Price: $90/person, $75/wine club member
Note: Reservations Required. Private Tastings are by appointment only with a minimum of 2 people. Tastings need to be reserved a week in advance and are available any day of the week at 11am (the time somewhat flexible on weekdays). Please call or email for availability and to schedule yours today!