2016 Dampier Pinot Noir Reserve

Our Dampier Reserve Pinot Noir has one of our most complex aromatics and palates. It is bright but smooth, fruity but earthy, light but long lasting, elegant but approachable. Aged in neutral oak barrels for 20 months, longer than most Pinot Noirs ever see oak, the wine exudes a smooth quality you rarely see in such light bodied Pinot Noirs.

Aromas of dark black cherry and warm tobacco open into a bright, fruit-forward palate brimming with soft baking spice and currant. This black label reserve offers a delicate finish that will pair perfectly with any cuisine.

Located on Underwood Mountain, a commanding Butte in the stunning Columbia Gorge, the Dampier Vineyard has breathtaking views and fruit. Owned by Paul Huber and managed by Clark Ziegler, the site has several microclimates within the vineyard itself. The most meaningful we have discovered so far is that the 10 rows on the east side of the vineyard tilt about 8° to the east. While it sounds minor, this grants these rows almost an hour more of early morning sun than rows behind them. That means in cool years, the East Block portion of the vineyard ripens further and will have lower acidity than the rest of the vineyard. In hot years we pick it early before to ensure the fruit is at its prime. The Dampier reserve Pinot Noir is aged in neutral barrels for up to 20 months to assure the finest results.

Pairs well with: Mussels, Salmon, Pork, Goat Cheese, Pâté



2019 Savor NW Wine Competition