Chardonnay Reserve

2010 Chardonnay Reserve


Pairs well with: Brie, seafood, nuts, Caesar, bisque, sautéed vegetables, honey glazed desserts, custards, flan, crème brulee

2010 Bangsund Pinot Noir


Pairs well with: Chicken Pate, roast chicken, mushrooms, tuna

Dampier Pinot Noir

2009 Dampier Pinot Noir


Pairs well with: Salmon, Salami, Roasted Squash, Stinky Cheese


Thanks to the inherent fruit forward properties of Riesling and the proprietary blend of a bold red wine, extraordinary nuances of strawberry guava flavors with a lovely off-dry finish make the ideal blush that is great served chilled on hot summer days. Halbtrocken is a perfect food wine and pairs well across a wide array of foods ranging from screaming hot Mexican or Thai food to Thanksgiving feasts and many aged, sharp cheeses. Some beloved wine club members deemed the Halbtrocken as The Porch Pounder and the name stuck – one sip and you can experience why! Pair with a family favorite meal, the Plum and Cranberry Chutney Glazed Honey Ham, a recipe card included with every purchase.

Pairs well with: Thai food, turkey, cranberry sauce, cheese cake, grilled pineapple

2016 Necessity Red™

“Great wine is a Necessity of Life” quotes Thomas Jefferson and we agree! Necessity Red is a unique Pinot Noir blend created at Cathedral Ridge inspired by the Thomas Jefferson quote. We share that view and celebrate it with a unique take on Pinot Noir. Necessity Red is essentially a Pinot Noir with some serious cojones. We achieve this delightful effect by blending with a judicious amount of our Moody Zinfandel and McKinley Springs Barbera– this creates some wonderful complexities and a sensuous mouth-feel - and the result is one of our best sellers.

The Pinot Noir from Dampier Vineyard’s distinctive acidity creates a wonderful balance with the Moody Zinfandel and the McKinley Springs Barbera. We have trademarked Necessity Red because we feel it's truly unique and appeals to red wine lovers across the board. A lovely and nuanced wine, it is great for many styles of food including Cassie’s quick n’ dirty Grilled Honey Mustard Chicken Wings for which we provide a recipe card with every purchase. A limited run of 375 cases make this vintage of the blend rare.

Pairs well with: sweet & savory dishes, barbecue chicken, honey mustard, salmon