Columbia Valley Collection

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We have created this gift collection to showcase the very best of the Columbia Gorge and Columbia Valley wines.

The 2016 Dampier Pinot Noir grapes are grown on Underwood Mountain, overlooking the Columbia River, and visible from Cathedral Ridge Winery. Tantalizing the nose with late harvest cherries and earth, this Pinot Noir’s smooth palate leaves a bountiful finish of lingering raspberry and spice.

The 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon is a smooth and perfectly balanced blend of Elephant Mountain, Moody, and McKinley Springs vineyards. Aged in barrels for 22 months, our Cabernet Sauvignon is one of our boldest and most distinctive red wines and a quintessential representation of the Pacific Northwest. We harvest the grapes when they have developed a ripe earthiness with rich, black cherry flavors and deep tannins in the skin; while maintaining acidity. Our Cabernet is smooth and complex with bold luscious notes of black cherries with an undertone of rosemary and eucalyptus. Ripe blueberries round out the finish.

The 2017 Zinfandel comes from Hillside Vineyard, a top vineyard of the Northwest for over 30 years. Located south of The Dalles, OR in the Columbia River Gorge, it is shaped like a catcher’s glove facing solar south. The vineyard produces several amazing varieties of grapes in its extremely diverse micro-climates. Our Zinfandel features the grape’s traditional flavors, yet carries a touch more decadence with a jamminess of deep berry richness and subtle spiciness inherent to the Columbia Valley region. A delightfully lush and vibrant wine with exquisite tannins, aromas of caramel and fig, bright Italian plum, cocoa nib, and delicate spice. Our Zinfandel Reserve is a supple and sensuous treat!

The 2020 Necessity White is an elegant blend of premier white varietals demonstrating the nuance and diversity of the wine-growing region here in the Columbia Gorge. Sourced predominately from our house vineyards, this delicious blend of Estate Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris opens with a nose of green apple and a touch of honey. This leads to a soft, juicy palate of orchard fruits (apple/pear), with a lemon zest finish.

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