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Cheers to Mom!  

Celebrate Mom anytime with this great collection featuring 3 delicious wines.

2018 Zinfandel Reserve:  Our Zinfandel Reserve Red Wine highlights the grape’s traditional flavors featuring warm aromas of nutmeg and cinnamon, floral notes of violet and juicy raisin brim from your glass. The palate of rich candied berry is smooth, with a soft jammy finish. It’s luscious, and cozy! A perfect wine to be shared with friends, loved ones and great food. Pair with a juicy steak, bacon-wrapped BBQ figs or rich chocolate dessert for an elevated experience.

Halbtrocken: Halbtrocken means ‘half-dry’ in German and is a secret blend of red and white grapes.  Aromas of soft strawberry lead to a juicy strawberry palate. This blush rounds out with an orange citrus finish. Our Halbtrocken wine blend is an opportunity to share the flavors of our bolder and heavier red wines by softening the texture, toning down the tannins, and adding light and bright fruit nuances to the flavor profile.

2016 The Daughter’s Reserve: A sassy Rhone inspired blend named for the winery owner’s daughter and fitting to her personality! Complex flavors and aromas of ripe raspberry, blueberry, and currant transition into savory herbal notes of anise and green peppercorn, along with hints of caramel and warm baking spices. On the full, bright, and lively palate, savory notes of tobacco, toasted brown sugar and baking spices become more defined on the warm and zippy finish. This second release vintage of The Daughters’ is a blend we’ve looked forward to making and sharing. Pair with smoky BBQ or hearty meats.

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