All of our wines are made right here at the craft winery with grapes from the Columbia Gorge and the Columbia Valley – wine growing regions that span Northeast Oregon and Southeast Washington. Because of our incredible range of wine country microclimates, Cathedral Ridge Wines run the gamut from Pinot Noir to Zinfandel – with all from grapes grown within a 40-mile radius.

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We use traditional winemaking techniques, opting for small batch artisan barrel aged wines with minimal disruptions to let the quality of the grapes and the terroir of the land speak. We pride ourselves on unadulterated Oregon wine that reflects a world of wine regions from Burgundy to Bordeaux and the Rhine to the Rhone.

Because of our climate here in the Columbia Gorge with the breezy, long warm days and cool nights, the wines express the ideal balance of sensuous, bold, body and seasoning acidity. As they say, acidity is to wine as salt is to food – the perfect amount brings out the best. Like a talented chef with the freshest ingredients, our winemaker takes the best grapes, from the best vineyards and by skillful blending when appropriate, creates the best wines showcasing the region.

Our wines are made for savoring and especially for pairing with food. All our wines have balanced acidity which will neither ‘wimp out’ or dominate fine foods. As home cooks and food lovers, we especially enjoy wine and food pairing and discuss the best wine to buy when pairing your meals! Explore all our wines below and discover your new favorite!

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