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A treat for any Zinfandel fan, featuring one bottle of the 2016 Reserve and two from the 2017 vintage, make this a great trio that is truly Zinfully Delicious!

2018 Zinfandel: Hillside Vineyard has been a top vineyard of the Northwest for over 30 years. Located south of The Dalles, OR in the Columbia River Gorge, it is shaped like a catcher’s glove facing solar south. The vineyard produces several amazing varieties of grapes in its extremely diverse meso-climates. Our Zinfandel Red Wine begins with an impressive cherry tobacco nose, lends a soft leather spice throughout the palate and leaves with a bright tannic finish. Charcuterie’s best friend – an MVP paired with any board of cured meats and classic cheeses.

Our 2018 Zinfandel Reserve Red Wine features the grape’s traditional flavors featuring warm aromas of nutmeg and cinnamon, floral notes of violet and juicy raisin brim from your glass. The palate of rich candied berry is smooth, with a soft jammy finish. It’s luscious, and cozy! A perfect wine to be shared with friends, loved ones and great food. Pair with chocolate bourbon cake and bacon wrapped figs.

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