Barbeque Buddies

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The best place to be is grilling in your own backyard any time of the year! We have curated this wine gift collection to be the pairing partners for grilled and smoked meats, alike.

The 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon proves that great Cab can come from Oregon!  A smooth and perfectly balanced blend of Elephant Mountain, Moody, and Mckinley Springs vineyards.  Aged in barrel for 22 months, our Cabernet Sauvignon is one of our boldest and most distinctive red wines and a quintessential representation of the Pacific Northwest. We harvest the grapes when they have developed a ripe earthiness with rich, black cherry flavors and deep tannins in the skin; while maintaining acidity. Our Cabernet is smooth and complex with bold luscious notes of black cherries with an undertone of rosemary and eucalyptus. Ripe blueberries round out the finish.

Our new 2016 Rusty Red Reserve comes out of the gate ready to tackle the most sumptuous of dinners. Named in honor of our first winery dog Rusty, this Reserve-tier red wine blend is brimming with Italian red plum, rose petals and earth, with the acidity and tannins to make this an extraordinary food wine.

The 2016 Rock Star Red is a blend of our Reserve Cabernet and Reserve Syrah, this sultry and succulent wine is one of our most popular blends. An intense, floral nose of sweet rose and violet leads to a palate of juicy, red berry with a bold tannin structure and a mouth-watering, tannic finish. Pair with grilled meats, creamy mushroom risotto, and beef stroganoff.

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